Dori, one of three sea cows who ended up at Cape Lookout National Seashore after surviving Hurricane Dorian's "mini tsunami" on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Submitted photo

Remember those wild sea cows who survived Hurricane Dorian's "mini tsunami" off the Outer Banks and were found weeks later at Cape Lookout National Seashore?

One of them, named Dori after she and three others were returned to their rightful home on Cedar Island this fall, just had a baby.

"Dori, the 'difficult lead cow' not only survived the surge, surf and stress of the storm, she gave us the most challenges, spotting and stalking, and the most trips through the thickest marsh during our rescue operation last November," wrote Ranch Solutions Inc., the business contracted to get Dori and her two friends back home. "She has now calved a healthy calf, back on Cedar Island!"

More than half the wild horses on Cedar Island, along with several wild cows who also roam the beach, were thought to have died in Hurricane Dorian’s storm surge.

On Sept. 6, wall of water rushed the island south of the Outer Banks between Ocracoke and Cape Lookout. Prior to the hurricane, there were 49 wild horses on the island and about 20 “sea cows.” Only 21 of the horses have been accounted for, and after Dori and two friends turned up -- four of the cows.

"We’re happy to know there’s still a possibility of this wild herd prospering! Hopefully we’ll have a picture soon!" Ranch Solutions wrote in a Facebook post.


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