The Hylton stage will become a courtroom as Prince William Little Theatre presents “Judgment at Nuremberg” Oct. 11-20. 

As politics continue to infiltrate human rights and social justice issues worldwide, this production comes at a poignant time in our history, notes a news release. 

The play centers on a military tribunal convened in Nuremberg, Germany, in which Nazi German judges and prosecutors stand accused of crimes against humanity for their involvement in atrocities committed under the Nazi regime. 

Judge Dan Haywood is the Chief Trial Judge of a three-judge panel that will hear and decide the case against the defendants. Ernst Janning, one of the most influential German legal minds of the pre-war era, and other influential Nazis face a military tribunal in the second wave of post war trials at Nuremberg. Issues at the forefront of this trial reverberate through history and challenge humanity to this day, the release noted.

Nuremberg 2.png

Matthew Scarborough and Robert Beard rehearse a scene from in a scene from “Judgment at Nuremberg.”

This absorbing and complex drama features a cast of unforgettable characters and their high stakes game against the backdrop of a looming Cold War, shifting political alliances and the shocking and vivid memories of the Holocaust and World War II. 

This critically praised courtroom drama covers the searing testimony and the difficult moral, ethical and legal issues presented by the less publicized segment of the trials, which focused on the collaboration of German judges with the Nazi regime.

“Judgment at Nuremberg” poses several difficult questions: How can indefensible crimes be defended? How does a judge, committed to the law, enforce immoral and vicious crimes against humanity? Why, in the aftermath of WWII, did America pressure the courts to be lenient on the defendants? And, critically, what does America do when our foreign policy interests clash with our stated beliefs in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?

Performances are in the Gregory Family Theater at the Hylton Performing Arts Center.

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Aaron Talley

The play by Abby Mann is being presented through a special arrangement with Samuel French Inc.

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