Britt Shyrene

Britt Shyrene of Sterling appears on Tuesday night's episode of the Food Network Show "Supermarket Stakeout." Photo courtesy Britt Shyrene

A Loudoun County chef will appear tonight on the new Food Network series "Supermarket Stakeout."

Britt Shyrene of Sterling, a local independent chef with Britt Shyrene Culinary, competes on the second episode of the show, titled "Date Night Fry Day" airing tonight at 10 p.m.

Shyrene does pop up dinners, wine dinners, special events and was a guest chef on the Root to Table culinary series. 

Supermarket Stakeout is a competition where blind luck, negotiation and cooking skills are the key ingredients to winning.

Hosted by "Iron Chef" and "Chopped" judge Alex Guarnaschelli, each episode kicks off with a culinary ambush outside a local supermarket, where four competing chefs approach unsuspecting shoppers leaving the store to negotiate the bags right out of their hands – without knowing what’s inside.

Over three rounds of themed culinary challenges and with a budget of only $500, the chefs are limited to using the items they can wrangle out of the customer's carts using their charm, persuasiveness and a little cash.

A rotating panel of judges determ ines which challengers had the most successful dishes using the acquired ingredients,, with the last chef standing in each episode walking away with enough cash for a year’s worth of groceries.


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