Artifcts Brass plates

No one wanted Grandmom's brass trays until they heard the story behind them.

When you hear the word "legacy" what do you think of? For me, I just think, "I'm not that important." Or, "My actions in this life should be enough." If you think that way, too, that might stop you in your tracks and you do nothing at all about your legacy.

Give me two minutes to frame it differently and maybe inspire you to change course.

Myths, legends, campfire stories: What do they all have in common? They are relatable and they carry on through time by virtue of being shared. But what happens when like in the children's game Musical Chairs, the music stops and maybe you stopped or failed to share those stories? They die with us. That is legacy lost. That's your personal history, a history built and shared with friends and family, that is irretrievable.

I met recently with researchers in this area of "legacy" who shared that legacies fall into four or five categories:

  • Financial - money, real estate etc.
  • Reputational - this is the one that I always think of
  • Material - the "stuff" of a life lived!
  • Symbolic - the stories of us
  • Instructions and wishes - how to dispose of an estate, invest money philanthropically or otherwise, make sure so-and-so gets an education, etc.

At Artifcts, our core mission is ensuring you can capture the value -- heart value and/or monetary value -- of all the treasures of our lives and know that the next generation will not miss out on all our stories that make us human and unique, the lessons learned and, yes, the wisdom of our years!

  • No one wanted Grandmom's brass trays until they heard the story.
  • That sandal would have gone in the trash (still may) without the parable attached.
  • Her recipe would have been lost, with no one the wiser.

Don't wait. Take a step toward preserving your legacy and create an Artifct for free. Share it with someone you love.

Heather Nickerson is co-founder and CEO of Artifcts. Headquartered in Prince William County, Artifcts is an online and app-based platform that allows you to capture, preserve and share the history, memories, and stories behind all your stuff! What will you Artifct first?

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