Veteran civic activist Maureen Ross of Cherrydale says school officials should revise their policies to get teachers back after snowstorms before students return.

Speaking Feb. 20 to County Board members, Ross decried as “very, very inefficient” current school policy that doesn’t have teachers return to class until students do.

As a result, Arlington students not only lost more than a full week of instruction due to the Jan. 22-23 storm, but then lost another day (Feb. 1) because of a previously scheduled teacher workday.

Other school-system staff were back Jan. 27; had teachers been brought back that day or later in the week, they could have done their grading then, allowing students to be back on Feb. 1.

“There’s no reason teachers couldn’t come to school,” Ross said, encouraging County Board members to speak with their School Board colleagues.

County Board Chairman Libby Garvey commiserated – “I feel your pain,” she said of the lengthy amount of time students were out of class in January – but suggested Ross direct her views to School Board members.