AFAC adjusts staff to meet need

Shown from left are Arlington Food Assistance Center staff members Lily Duran, Joy Myers, Zachary Spaeth, Jolie Smith, Ray Bynum and Charles Meng.

The Arlington Food Assistance Center (AFAC) has made a number of staff promotions to address an increasing need in the community.

“With the help of our many dedicated volunteers, AFAC does great work,” said Charles Meng, its executive director. “But it is essential that we restructure our leadership roles in order to ensure the great work we do continues for years to come.”

Joy Myers has been promoted to chief development officer and designated deputy executive director. Zachary Spaeth has been promoted to database manager, and Ray Bynum has been promoted to lead warehouse associate.

Jolie Smith has been appointed director of corporate and community partnerships and Lily Duran has been named client-services manager.

The changes are in response to a record number – nearly 116,000 – of family visits over the past year. The average number of weekly family visits over the past year totaled 2,173, a figure that is expected to reach 3,000 this November.

For information on the organization and its efforts, see the Web site at

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I am tired of subsidizing the wealthy Elite's increased desire for low wage service workers who are refugees from the wars the United States has been fighting for the past 15 years.


AFAC is another non-profit that makes up the difference between what poor people are paid by the wealthy and what it actually costs to live in poverty in Arlington. About $12 per hour and about $30 per hour respectively.

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