Dittmar raises food donations for AFAC

Representatives of Dittmar and the Arlington Food Assistance Center (AFAC) recently joined to celebrate the success of a partnership providing food support for those in need.

The Arlington Food Assistance Center (AFAC) has announced a special appeal to its donors, volunteers and the public to raise $50,000 to offset the funds lost when the Arlington government reduced its support for the organization in the upcoming fiscal year.

In fiscal years 2017 and 2018, the county government provided $50,000 in addition to the base grant of $477,925 to address a spike in families needing food assistance. The additional funding was not included in the fiscal 2019 budget.

“This cut will directly impact AFAC’s ability to help the least fortunate in the Arlington community,” officials with the non-profit said.

“We are committed to the simple concept: If you are hungry in Arlington, we are here to help,” said Charles Meng, CEO of AFAC. “We try our best to keep our solicitations to a minimum, but the county’s action affects our ability to fulfill our mission. We need and are asking our donors, volunteers and friends to help.”

For information on the initiative, see the Web site at www.afac.org.

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Time for Arlington's so-called Progressives to push for a $15 / hour minimum wage next session of the General Assembly. Reality Check -- AFAC, Arlington Free Clinic, and similar organizations serve to subsidize a wide range of for-profits, non-profits, and individuals that exploit unskilled workers.

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