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A total of 23 Arlington Public Schools high school students have been selected to attend Governor’s School programs this summer.

The following local students were selected for academic and visual- and performing-arts programs:

– From H-B Woodlawn Secondary Program: Chloe Fugle, Mathematics, Science & Technology; Kate Meredith, Mathematics, Science & Technology; Ariel Shenkman, Theatre

– From Wakefield High School: Lucinda Rissmeyer, Instrument/Piano; Ethan Thomas, Instrument/Trombone; Cameron Ware, Instrument/Euphonium/Baritone

– From Washington-Lee High School:  Caroline Cunningham, Mathematics, Science & Technology; Mariel Andrea Dayan, Agriculture; Adi Kambhampaty, Engineering at NASA; Abigail Martinage, Humanities; Matthew McKnight, Mathematics, Science & Technology; Iain Ramsey, Mathematics, Science & Technology.

– From Yorktown High School: Dominick Cocozza, Visual Arts; Chase Dillard, Mathematics, Science & Technology; Morgan Feist, Mathematics, Science & Technology; Sarah Murphy, Mathematics, Science & Technology; Jackson Quinn, Agriculture.

The following students have been selected for foreign-language programs:

– From H-B Woodlawn: Brooke Tanner, Japanese.

– From Wakefield: Nina Michael, Japanese; Natalia Uro-De León, French.

– From Washington-Lee: Julia Billera, Latin; Marina George, French; Karuna Sinha, Latin.

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