New Arlington County government auditor

Chris Horton serves as Arlington County auditor, employed by the County Board.

Arlington County Board members and the general public soon will be able to see what topics the government’s internal auditor plans to study over the coming year.

“A lot of members of the community . . . have suggested topics,” said board member John Vihstadt, who with colleague Erik Gutshall serves on the audit committee that oversees the work of auditor Chris Horton.

A draft “work plan” for Horton is expected to be sent to the County Board in coming weeks.

Over the past year, Horton has worked on audits related to fleet management and overtime within public-safety agencies. Some of the reports have been made public, others are awaiting distribution.

Horton in 2016 was hired as auditor after the first occupant of that position left after six months to move to California. The position is just one of four staff slots reporting directly to County Board members, rather than through the county manager.

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Next big thing to audit -- number of families who move out of Arlington to affordable single family homes outside Arlington, rent the Arlington condos where they formerly lived, use their former addresses as their current legal addresses, and continue to vote in Arlington and send their children to Arlington's public schools.Thanks to the Arlington Democratic Regime those TOTALLY ILLEGAL antics have cost Arlington's taxpayers at least $200 million over the past decade, or the cost of a new middle school and a new high school.


How about an audit of space management at the Trades Center. Isn't there a more cost-effective and efficient way to store seasonal equipment like snow plows and summer irrigation equipment?


Audit the hugely wasteful approval process for everything from new athletic fields to fire stations to infill redevelopment. What actually occurs is one or more of the Arlington Board of Supervisors make(s) promises to a developer or special interest group and county staff members are tasked with facilitating whatever was promised. Advisory committees, working groups, and civic associations are packed with people who will rubber stamp anything put in front of them. The approval process (which can drag on for years) is consequently a huge waste of time and tax dollars.

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