Concept design for Lubber Run Community Center

Arlington County Board members on Sept. 16, 2017, approved a concept design for the new Lubber Run Community Center.

Arlington Board OKs New Contractor for Lubber Run Project: After striking out with their first choice, Arlington officials say they are ready to go with a replacement construction firm to build the new Lubber Run Community Center.

Arlington County Board members in the wee hours of Sept. 19-20 approved MCN Build Inc. as the firm to oversee construction management the $39.96 million project.

Board members in July had awarded the contract to Davis Construction, but that firm and the county government could not come to final terms on the agreement, County Manager Mark Schwartz said.

The D.C.-based MCN already has signed on the dotted line, the county manager told board members.

The contract puts much of the risk for cost overruns onto the construction firm, although it includes $2.9 million in contingency funds if Arlington officials want changes to the current design.

Those funds could be used to support several items currently not part of the package, including an indoor track and improved energy-efficiency.

The new community center will rise on the site of the existing facility, which will be razed and replaced. Voters approved funding for the project in a recent bond referendum.