County Board members on Dec. 13 approved a staff recommendation to add 60 new taxicab-operating certificates, bringing to 827 the number permitted to operate in the county.

Board members voted 5-0 to provide 10 new certificates to Blue Top Cab and allowing a start-up operation, All Access Taxi, to enter the market with 50 certificates.

All the new certificates require the use of wheelchair-accessible vehicles.

“We strive to be a fully welcoming community, and these additional cabs will provide more options and convenience to many people with a disability,” County Board Chairman Jay Fisette said in a statement.

Counting the new operating certificates, Red Top Cab remains the largest single operator of taxis in Arlington, with 355. Blue Top grows to 181, followed by Arlington Yellow Cab (100), All Access (60), EnviroCab (50), Friendly Cab (39), Crown Cab (37) and Hess Cab (35).