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Pop-quiz time: Residents of which of these two communities – Sterling or Arlington – have the shortest average commute time?

If new data from the U.S. Census Bureau are to be believed, the answer is: It’s a tie.

Arlington and Sterling residents each have, on average, a 28.3-minute trip from home to work, according to the Census Bureau’s updated American Communities Survey.

Released in December, the survey compiled responses from 2012 to 2016 for communities across the country related to demographics, employment, home-ownership and more.

Arlington’s average commute rate – by any means of transportation – was slightly higher than the 28.1-minute statewide average. In fact, only four of the 67 communities reviewed by InsideNoVa across the Northern Virginia inner and outer suburbs had commute times better than the statewide average. At 25.3 minutes, Herndon had the lowest in the region.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the longest average commute times come in communities lying in the outer suburbs where many residents commute to the inner suburbs. Of the five communities with commute times of 40 minutes or higher, all were in Prince William or Stafford counties, with Aquia (44.1 minutes) ranking the highest.

Local data is available at http://factfinder.census.gov.