2019 Arlington County Board

Members of the 2019 Arlington County Board. From left: Erik Gutshall, Libby Garvey, Chairman Christian Dorsey, Katie Cristol and Matt de Ferranti.

County Board members on June 18 will consider raising the threshold for their own pay.

Board members have only until July 1 to vote for any increase to the current maximum salary cap of $57,337 for board members and $63,071 for the chairman. If they fail to act before that date, the next chance to increase the cap will be 2023, based on requirements of state law.

While County Board Chairman Christian Dorsey – who controls the agenda – said in January he had no interest in considering a pay raise in 2019, he apparently had a change of heart under prodding from board vice chairman Libby Garvey, who long has advocated for higher pay.

The County Board hearing will be part of the board’s 6:30 p.m. meeting on June 18.

Critics voiced concern that the proposal was not part of the county government’s fiscal 2020 budget consideration, and was not brought up for discussion until after candidate filing deadlines had passed.

State law does not set a ceiling for County Board pay, so board members conceivably could raise it as high as they felt they could get away with. Arlington School Board members already pay themselves the maximum allowed – $25,000 – under state law.

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[thumbdown]to a part time job with 2 months paid summer vacation that they've made into a full time job with their constant meetings to make secret deals with for-profits, non-profits, and special interests.


I want to know what's the current status of 4 County Board (of Supervisors) members with respect to the non-profits they work for vis a vis Arlington County Government. We already know the status of the 5th Board member who was elected on a get-rich-quick platform of his residential construction firm building so-called accessory units in and around older single family homes.

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