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News that was making news in years gone by:

September 11, 1942:

* Arlington’s movie theaters exceeded this week’s war-bond quota by 20 percent. In a related story, actress Greer Garson, in town to support the bond drive, was honored at a dinner at Washington Golf & Country Club.

* A new law requires that Virginia drivers stop for school buses that are loading or unloading children.

* Looking on the bright side, the Sun’s editor notes that the recent spate of heavy rain will lead to colorful fall foliage.

September 10, 1960:

* Arlington officials are now using radar to catch speeders.

* The vacancy rate for apartments in the county is just 3 percent, but that is higher than the rate a year ago.

* Arlington Public Schools plans to start testing students for color-blindness.

* Yorktown High School will play its first-ever football game, taking on the junior varsity of George Washington High School in Alexandria.

* Groundbreaking is set for the Christian-education building at Arlington Presbyterian Church.

September 11, 1968:

* U.S. Rep. Joel Broyhill (R-10th) says he is “a little disappointed” in Richard Nixon’s selection of Maryland Gov. Spiro Agnew as his running mate.

* The Sun’s editorial page says that no matter what happens to Democrat Hubert Humphrey in the presidential race, Ted Kennedy is clearly the party’s “man of the future.”

* A 12-hour storm pummeled Northern Virginia, dropping 4 inches of rain and washing out several roadways.

September 9, 1972:

* All three candidates for U.S. Senate say they support construction of Interstate 66 through Arlington.

* The school-bond referendum approved by the County Board includes $4 million to complete the renovation of Washington-Lee High School, and additional funds for improvements at various elementary schools.

* In football action, Wakefield defeated Yorktown, 9-3.

September 10, 1985:

* Northern Virginia is in the midst of its second-worst September heat wave of the century.

* U.S. Sen. John Warner predicts “no clear winner” in the upcoming summit meeting between Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev.

September 11, 1992:

* Gov. Wilder visited Arlington to pitch his plan for construction of a new Washington Redskins stadium at Potomac Yard.

* County Board candidates James Hunter and Ben Winslow squared off at the Civic Federation forum, with Winslow saying residents are being “taxed out of the county.”

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