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rlington Democrats no longer have to lick ’em. But they still have to stick ’em.

September’s monthly meeting of the Arlington County Democratic Committee was filled with stacks upon stacks of fund-raising letters, already hand-addressed by volunteers, that were ready to receive postage stamps and return-address labels prior to dissemination.

The annual “Dollars for Democrats” initiative, headed by Warren Nelson, sends out about 15,000 requests for cash per election season. While it may be decidedly low-tech, it is the party’s biggest fund-raiser of the year.

“This is where we make all the money,” said party chairman Jill Caiazzo, noting that the effort outstripped even the party’s Blue Victory Dinner and its Golden Gala in net proceeds.

Using hand-addressed envelopes and actual postage stamps are key to the effort, organizers say, since they ensure more letters will be opened rather than sent to the junk-mail pile.

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More biased political 'news' aka recycled press release from the political party that's controlled Arlington for going on 40 years, with invaluable help from the Media.

Allen Muchnick

"Recycled press release"? Once again, your claim is patently untrue; no press release was ever issued. You are actually objecting to the Sun Gazette attending key community meetings and reporting the proceedings because you have a personal grudge against the Democratic Party.


How is this news?

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