The Arlington County Democratic Committee will choose its candidates for two upcoming special elections at caucuses to be held Monday, Aug. 4 from 6 to 9 p.m. at Thomas Jefferson Middle School.

The party plans to select a nominee for the treasurer’s position vacated July 7 by Frank O’Leary and pick an endorsee for the School Board seat being vacated Aug. 1 by Noah Simon.

The special election for each office is expected to be held in conjunction with the general election on Nov. 4, but the final decision rests with Circuit Court Chief Judge William Newman Jr.

The Democratic caucuses will not be held if only a single candidate files for each office, which at the moment appears likely: Only Nancy Van Doren has announced plans to seek the School Board seat, while new Treasurer Carla de la Pava is the lone Democrat seeking the treasurer’s post.

The filing deadline for the Democratic School Board endorsement is July 18, with a filing deadline of July 25 for the nomination for treasurer.

(State law mandates that School Board elections in Virginia are nonpartisan, so political parties cannot formally nominate candidates. They can, however, endorse candidacies.)

If the date of the special elections is set as expected on Nov. 4, the filing deadline for political parties to name their nominees, and for independents to submit paperwork to get on the ballot, is likely to be Aug. 15.

The winner of O’Leary’s seat will serve through December 2015, while the winner of Simon’s seat will serve until December 2016.

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