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In order to keep their options open, the Arlington County Board will make another $175,000 payment to hold open the possibility of acquiring two parcels adjacent to the Arlington Cultural Affairs facility in the Four Mile Run corridor.

County officials in 2018 entered into an agreement with the owners of the property at 2700 South Nelson St., agreeing to purchase the 18,800-square-foot plot for between $3.4 million and $3.9 million. As part of the agreement, the county government made a $125,000 option payment in 2019, and had until June 7 to make a $175,000 payment in order to maintain the sales agreement in place for another year.

At the same May 16 meeting where that decision was made, County Board members deferred until June the unrelated purchase of a parcel two blocks to the east. “A few remaining issues relating to the final terms and conditions” remain, county officials said.

The building’s owner, public-broadcaster WETA, plans to lease back the site, at 3620 27th St. South, until it completes an expansion of its headquarters building nearby

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More millions will be spent for extravagant sports, recreation, entertainment infrastructure in what;s going to be a regional park funded by Arlington taxpayers, while Arlington residents boil drinking water for days because water main replacement is constantly deferred.


If you thought the multiple bailouts of the richey riches who own and operate the Signature Theater were a disgrace stay tuned to this one at the June Board meeting - Welfare for the Rockefellers.

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