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News that was making news in years gone by:

June 18, 1943:

* The Arlington Selective Service Board is set to call up 93 men for induction in Richmond.

* Arlington Trial Justice Benjamin Hedrick says he will not seek re-election.

* Arlington is one of only three Virginia counties that send more to the state government in taxes than they receive in services, according to a new report.

* Civil-defense officials say local residents should expect air-raid drills to come without any warning in coming weeks.

* Wartime rationing restrictions have led to a 25-percent decline in state gasoline-tax revenue.

* A total of 36 local residents have passed the plane-spotting course.

June 16, 1964:

* The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that Virginia’s 1962 legislative redistricting discriminates against urban areas of the commonwealth.

* Yesterday’s high of 99 degrees in Northern Virginia was a record, but thunderstorms have cooled off the region.

June 18, 1969:

* At $337, Arlington ranks third in the commonwealth behind Prince William County ($456) and Fairfax County ($446) in local-government expenditures per resident.

* Democratic gubernatorial candidate William Battle wants I-66 completed and rapid transit extended to Dulles Airport.

* Gov. Godwin says he will support whichever candidate is nominated by Democrats to succeed him.

* Several candidates for Virginia attorney general want the current system of paying justices of the peace via fees replaced with a salary system.

* On TV tonight: “Green Acres,” “Hawaii Five-O” and “Beverly Hillbillies.”

June 15, 1977:

* Henry Howell upset the favored Andrew Miller in the Democratic gubernatorial primary, and will face Republican John Dalton in November.

* Arlington attorney Jack Melnick won Northern Virginia but fell short statewide in the Democratic primary for attorney general.

* Assistant commonwealth’s attorney James Almand will join Mary Marshall and Warren Stambaugh on the Democratic ticket for House of Delegates in Arlington.

June 15, 1991:

* Gov. Wilder is toying with the idea of running for president.

* An open house is planned to celebrate the 50th anniversary of National Airport.

* More than a quarter of all babies delivered in the U.S. last year were born to unwed mothers, a new record.

* Russian President Boris Yeltsin says there is no way to save communism.

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