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News that was making news in years gone by:

July 9, 1936:

* The Arlington Electoral Board has opted not to reappoint Ruby Simpson to the School Board. She is the first woman to have served on the body.

* The county sewer inspector and a local developer each pleaded guilty to a bribery scheme, and received suspended sentences from Judge Walter McCarthy.

* The County Board continues to fine-tune its proposed dog ordinance.

July 10, 1944:

* The Virginia delegation to the Democratic National Convention will be formally uncommitted on its presidential choice, but has strict orders to vote against the renomination of Henry Wallace as vice president.

July 12, 1961:

* While the Byrd Machine’s slate of candidates cruised to victory in the statewide Democratic primary yesterday, Northern Virginia voted for a group of more moderate candidates.

* The liberal faction of the Arlington County Democratic Committee has ended six years in the political wilderness by wresting control of the Democratic Committee away from conservatives.

* Arlington’s John Glenn is at Cape Canaveral, waiting to blast into space.

* Small, furnished apartments are in short supply for new teachers coming to the local area this fall.

July 10, 1968:

* Democratic presidential aspirant Eugene McCarthy started his campaign swing through the South with a stop in Virginia.

* A total of 578 people have died on Virginia’s roads so far this year, with the commonwealth on track to set a record this year.

* BankAmericard [now Visa] has increased its availability from 18 states to 32 states over the past year.

* President Johnson, Pope Paul VI and heart surgeon Christiaan Barnard are among those named as “greatest man in the world” by Miss Universe contestants.

July 9, 1986:

* Brendan Feeley and Helen Fahey are squaring off in a Democratic firehouse primary for commonwealth’s attorney.

* Virginia’s farmers are facing what could turn out to be one of the worst droughts in the commonwealth’s history.

* Wacky weather: Temperatures in Fairbanks, Alaska, are in the upper 80s this week.

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