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News that was making news in years gone by:

January 19, 1944:

* A planning committee has suggested Arlington float a $6 million bond to pay for post-war improvements.

* An argument is raging over whether, in the future, to build bridges over or tunnels under the Potomac River.

* About 87 percent of tax revenue due to the county by Dec. 5 was paid on time.

* The Arlington Red Cross’s “gallon club” has added nine new members.

* The Arlington Chamber of Commerce had a significant increase in membership last year.

January 20, 1958:

* The new president of the Arlington Chamber of Commerce says Arlington and Fairfax should work more closely to improve the economic well-being of Northern Virginia.

* Mrs. M.T. Broyhill was named “businesswoman of the year” by the Chamber of Commerce.

* Groundbreaking ceremonies have been held for a new $210,000 building for Cherrydale Baptist Church.

* Wakefield and Washington-Lee top the basketball standings in Northern Virginia high-school action.

January 20, 1970:

* Details continue to be worked out to implement desegregation at Drew Model School.

* Gov. Holton has issued an executive order banning discrimination in hiring and promotion in state government, based on race or ethnicity.

* Vice President Agnew is back from a 21-day tour of the Far East, saying the U.S. is liked and respected there.

* On TV tonight: The NBA all-stars compete in Philadelphia.

January 20, 1972:

* State legislators are set to consider “right turn on red” this session.

* Metro has awarded a $23.1 million contract for the Pentagon City rail station.

January 20, 1977:

* Virginia Democrats whooped it up at a local celebration of the pending inauguration of Jimmy Carter.

* Plans to consolidate elementary schools continue to be a hot-button issue.

* Virginia’s highway death toll of 1,011 in 1976 was down slightly from a year before.

January 21, 1986:

* Ceremonies were held across Northern Virginia marking the first federal holiday in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

* Legislators continue to quibble over whether to hold a statewide referendum on starting a lottery.

* Former Gov. John Dalton says he is going to work every day, despite treatment for lung cancer.

* In girls basketball action, Wakefield fell to Stuart while Washington-Lee topped Yorktown.

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