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News that was making news in years gone by:

August 29, 1941:

* President Roosevelt and his generals are still arguing about exactly where to place the War Department headquarters, but Arlington appears to be the chosen locale.

* The Arlington school system will have 262 teachers on hand when classes start up on Sept. 8.

* Despite concerns over the availability of gasoline for the Labor Day weekend, demand in the local area has dropped and supplies should be plentiful.

* Republican county treasurer John Locke Green proved he was a “good sport” by taking out a $5 listing in the annual Arlington Young Democrats community directory.

* The Sun’s editor notes that not only are summer flies numerous around the office this year, but they seem even bolder than in years past.

August 28, 1958:

* County Board Chairman Ralph Kaul says Gov. Almond will “respect local views” when it comes to integration of schools. Meanwhile, 30 black students have applied to attend all-white Arlington schools.

* Troopers of the State Police have been issued military-style helmets and riot gear.

* An elderly North Randolph Street resident has reclaimed his mule, which was “arrested” near Chain Bridge earlier in the week.

* A record 45 million youngsters will be headed back to school in September.

* Hurricane Daisy is expected to bring rain, and lots of it, to Northern Virginia over the next 24 hours.

August 29, 1966:

* The U.S. Navy over the weekend commissioned the USS Arlington, a communications relay ship that previously had been the aircraft carrier USS Saipan.

* Virginia’s state sales tax – 3 percent in most jurisdictions – will go into effect this week.

* Taxi drivers serving Dulles and National airports have come to terms with management after a 24-hour strike.

* U.S. Rep. Joel Broyhill, R-10th, has rejected a call for debates by his Democratic opponent, Clive DuVal.

August 28, 1978:

* Republican U.S. Senate candidate John Warner has tapped former congressman Joel Broyhill as his campaign manager.

* A Sun feature story profiles 32-year-old North Arlington resident Jim Webb, who is about to release his first novel, “Fields of Fire.”

* On TV tonight: “Cheers,” “Family Ties,” “Night Court” and “Trapper John, M.D.”

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