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News that was making news in years gone by:

August 17, 1945:

* Even though Northern Virginians are celebrating the victory over Japan, local draft boards continue to call up new inductees.

* The Baby Boom has begun: More than 300 babies were born to Arlington parents in July, most in hospitals in the District of Columbia.

* A recount shows that Charles Fenwick of Arlington narrowly has won the Democratic primary for lieutenant governor.

* Arlington recorded its 14th case of polio this year.

* Tuffy, an Arlington cat, is featured in a photo-spread on felines in Look magazine.

* Mount Olivet Methodist Church has won the Arlington church softball league regular season.

August 17, 1959:

* A local milk-producers consortium is calling for the end of state-government price controls on milk in Virginia.

* Famed World War II Adm. William “Bull” Halsey has died at age 76.

August 13, 1968:

* Three Wakefield High School athletes emerged relatively unscathed after being lost for three days in Windy Run Cave on the Potomac Palisades.

* Democrat Dave Kinney took time out in his quest to unseat U.S. Rep. Joel Broyhill, R-10th, to celebrate his 25th wedding anniversary with his wife, Jean.

* Lucy Denney has been appointed the head of Arlington’s first Fair Housing Board.

* Redskins coach Otto Graham promises that “our running game is not as bad as some people think.”

August 16, 1975:

* A federal judge has ruled that Virginia’s local governments do not have the power to recognize unions as bargaining agents for employees.

* Arlington Hospital is set to open a 22-bed psychiatric unit this week.

* The Virginia Bar Association wants the General Assembly to pass a law requiring the availability, at reasonable rates, of malpractice insurance for physicians.

* Turnover among guards at some state prisons is averaging 35 percent per year.

* On TV tonight: “All in the Family,” “Emergency,” “The Mary Tyler Moore Show,” “Bob Newhart Show” and “Agronsky & Company.”

August 14, 1992:

* The Cherrydale Volunteer Fire Department says it wants to have space in the new government fire station planned for the Cherrydale area.

* County officials have instructed police not to accept a local restaurant’s promotion offering them 15 percent off regular prices.

* Signature Theatre plans to open its season with “Assassins.”

* “The Good Ole Days” is the theme of this year’s Arlington County Fair.

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