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The Arlington County government has adopted what amounts to an anything-goes policy for government-building restrooms and locker rooms.

The policy, outlined to County Board members on July 16, will formally allow any individual to use a male or female restroom “that corresponds with gender identity or expression,” county staff said.

The change was proposed by an employee task force to County Manager Mark Schwartz. It will make Arlington “a leader in Virginia and the metro area,” county officials said.

Virginia building codes require separate male and female restrooms, so the county government does not have the ability to abolish them in its facilities. But Arlington elected officials pronounced themselves satisfied – elated, even – with Arlington’s new efforts.

“It’s just common sense,” County Board Vice Chairman Libby Garvey said.

“Awesome stuff,” added County Board member Katie Cristol.

Officials said future steps include working to increase privacy in bathrooms and locker rooms in county facilities.