David Priddy joins Arlington School Board race

David Priddy (above) is seeking to upend Arlington School Board Chairman Reid Goldstein in the June 2019 Arlington County Democratic Committee caucus. (Campaign photo)

He aims to knock off incumbent School Board Chairman Reid Goldstein, but in a kickoff April 3, David Priddy avoided mentioning the incumbent by name and only tangentially touched on reasons he thinks Goldstein should be ousted.

But, Priddy said, his own professional experience gives him “the tools to understand the business side of the school system,” and promised to hear all voices on contentious issues.

“I will listen and bring those ideas to the forefront,” Priddy said in a kickoff address before the Arlington County Democratic Committee. “I am the choice that will take Arlington into the future.”

An Arlington native with two sons in the county school system, Priddy serves on the Superintendent’s Committee on Equity and Excellence.

“I was raised embracing Democratic principles,” Priddy said at the kickoff, while promoting teacher training and a safe environment for students among his priorities.

Democrats will choose their School Board candidate during three days of caucus voting to be held in June. The winner goes on to the general election, where so far no other candidates are waiting in the wings.

Arlington County Democratic Committee chairman Jill Caiazzo continues to put out a call for volunteers to support the caucus, which is being run by the party since state law does not allow School Board members to be chosen in primaries.

“We want this to be a great experience for voters,” Caiazzo said.

Goldstein first was elected to the School Board in 2015, and rotated in for a one-year stint as chairman last July. Like all Arlington School Board seats, his is at-large.

Defeating an incumbent Democratic office-holder in a nomination contest in Arlington is a rarity, but it can happen. Two years ago, Monique O’Grady ousted incumbent School Board member James Lander by winning the Democratic caucus and going on to win the general election.

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[tongue]Parents who moved out of the County and continue to enroll their kids in APS will be voting in this 'vote early and often' charade, together with hundreds of other non-resident and surrogate voters.

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