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Pop quiz today, class: How do you translate “snafu” into German?

County school leaders may not know the answer to that, but say they are working overtime to fix a mess that has left German I students without a teacher as the school year starts to roll forward.

Some of those students and their parents descended on the Sept. 9 School Board meeting, wanting to know what was going on – and, more specifically, what school leaders were going to do about it.

Superintendent Francisco Durán told them that there was no intention of dropping German-language instruction, despite what the rumor mill was saying.

“We are absolutely, let me say, committed to making sure we offer a wide variety of world-language opportunities,” he said. “It is not our desire, our plan, to cancel German. I want to make sure everyone hears that commitment.”

What caused the problem? The school system’s German I teacher departed employment right before the start of classes, leaving school officials scrambling to find a replacement.

“It was the timing” that caused the issue, Durán said.

A new instructor will be hired ASAP, he said, and in the meantime, students will be able to avail themselves of coursework from the University of Oklahoma.