Arlington Superintendent Patrick Murphy

Former Arlington Superintendent Patrick Murphy currently serves as superintendent of schools in Berkeley County, W.Va.

Arlington Superintendent Patrick Murphy this week will formally recommend using both the Arlington Education Center and Arlington Career Center to meet short-term needs of the growing student body.

Murphy on June 1 is expected to recommend that the School Board agree to use the Education Center site for 600 seats and the Career Center for an additional 700  – a proposal that, for the time being, leaves land adjacent to Kenmore Middle School alone.

The hybrid proposal was a late-in-the-game option added after rebellions among communities near the Education Center (at Washington-Lee High School), Career Center and Kenmore about putting a new 1,300-seat secondary school in their midsts.

But in the proposal being forwarded to the School Board, and expected to be acted upon by the end of June, staff does not rule out any of the sites for a larger high school down the road.

The new seats will be needed by 2022 to address capacity issues, but school officials say it’s just part of an ongoing effort to address enrollment they believe will keep on rising.

In his report to School Board members, Murphy said the school system will need an additional 2,200-seat high school, plus up to two middle schools and up to four elementary schools, if enrollment continues to push toward, and beyond, 30,000 students.