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Arlington County Board members on Oct. 20 are expected to award a contract worth up to $426,700 for modify curbs and intersections and establish a median along McKinley Road from Wilson Boulevard north to 11th Street North.

The project is designed to improved safety for pedestrians and bicyclists in the corridor, including students attending McKinley Elementary School.

The low bidder was A&M Concrete Corp., one of three firms that bid for the work.

Others costs for the project, including engineering frees and milling/paving, will be covered under separate contracts. The total estimated cost of the project is $1.36 million.

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Never mind installing medians. Fix the deteriorating sidewalks first.


Completely Agree: Fix deteriorating infrastructure first, like water mains, storm water drains, streets, roads, and sidewalks. Inside Nova / Sun Gazette are nothing but shills for more of Arlington County's tax-borrow-spend for more extravagant spending on sports, recreation, arts, and mega millions spent on Taj Mahal schools with too few classrooms.

Allen Muchnick

"jna" and "Charles",

Since you are aliases for the same person, it's nice that you agree with yourself.

If this traffic-calming and street-beautification project saves the live of just one child walking to McKinley Elementary School, the money will be very well spent.

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