The Future Fund, a giving circle for young professionals sponsored by the Community Foundation for Northern Virginia, has awarded a $10,000 grant to the Chesapeake Conservancy, with the funding designed to establish Northern Virginia as a tech-savvy conservation innovation hub.

Funding and additional support to the conservancy will “help to educate other organizations and policy-makers to create solutions founded in actual research,” said Kelsey Corbin, co-chair of the Future Fund’s grants committee.

The funding will be used to match a $15,000 grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, aimed at supporting research to understand current water-quality challenges in the region.

“Ultimately, this project will showcase the power of data to support restoration and protection goals for the [Chesapeake] Bay watershed,” said Jeffrey Allenby, director of conservation technology for the Chesapeake Conservancy.

The grant funding brings to $233,000 the total distributed by the Future Fund over six grant cycles. For information, see the Web site at