2018 Arlington County Board

Members of the 2018 Arlington County Board include Erik Gutshall, Vice Chairman Christian Dorsey, Chairman Katie Cristol, John Vihstadt and Libby Garvey.

A coalition of groups concerned about the impact of, or outright opposed to, the selection of Arlington as a secondary headquarters for Amazon will hold a community forum on Thursday, June 21 at 7 p.m. at Central Library.

“Listen to Arlington and community organizations,” Roshan Abraham of Our Revolution Arlington, one of the sponsoring groups, asked County Board members on June 16.

Abraham came to the meeting seeking assurances that County Board members would attend the event, but received none from the five members.

Our Revolution is an outgrowth of Bernie Sanders’ 2016 presidential campaign. Other sponsoring organizations of the June 21 event include the Arlington Green Party, Grassroots Alexandria and the regional chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America.

County Board Chairman Katie Cristol praised the “thoughtful concerns” of the groups, but said Amazon has not released a group of finalist communities so there is not much more to share with the public.

“We don’t have any new information to report,” Cristol said.

And board colleague Christian Dorsey said critics of the Amazon sweepstakes were wrong to think deals are being cut behind closed doors.

“The impression there is something we are holding back [from the public] – that is absolutely not the case,” he said of Amazon’s thought process. “We don’t know anything about it.

More than 230 communities formally expressed interest in becoming Seattle-based Amazon’s “HQ2” location. The 20 making the cut as the first round of finalists include three in the local area – Northern Virginia, the District of Columbia and Montgomery County, Md. – along with communities that include Denver, Boston, Los Angeles and Pittsburgh. Toronto is the lone prospect outside the United States.

County Board members have noted in the past that before any economic-incentive pact is approved, the County Board must hold a hearing and take a public vote. Critics retort that such votes are pro-forma and would come far too late for the public to have input.

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[thumbdown]to a County Board addicted to growth for the sake of growth that's already caused enough problems wanting Amazon in the County. Completely irresponsible.


In light of the County Board's lengthy debate over lack of open space for public infrastructure on Saturday the County Board's invitation to Amazon was completely irresponsible.


Agree that it was completely irresponsible for the Arlington Board of Supervisors to persuade Amazon to locate in Arlington. The Democrat-controlled Arlington Board of Supervisors has had two decades to find solutions to the Feds moving out of Crystal City. The solution is not Amazon moving into Crystal City. Don't expect the Arlington Board of Supervisors that's been controlled by one political party for almost 40 years to do anything more than completely destroy the livability of Arlington through its addiction to New Urbanism, which is packing as many upscale people, vehicles, events, and activities into as little space as possible.

Allen Muchnick

[thumbdown][thumbdown][thumbdown] To "jna", "Abbey", and "CLE" for once again posting a fake "chorus" of comments.

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