Monique O’Grady Arlington School Board

Monique O’Grady launched her bid for Arlington School Board at the March 1, 2017, meeting of the Arlington County Democratic Committee.

She won the Arlington County Democratic Committee endorsement for School Board, but that doesn’t mean Monique O’Grady is on the general-election ballot just year.

O’Grady must still submit 125 valid petition signatures to county election officials prior to being certified for the Nov. 7 election. The submission deadline is mid-June.

It shouldn’t be an arduous task: The requisite number of signatures probably can be obtained at the next monthly meeting of the Arlington County Democratic Committee, which occurs prior to the filing deadline.

Traditionally, candidates running in the Democratic caucus for School Board have held off collecting signatures until a winner is declared, since there is no point in gathering signatures if a candidate doesn’t move on to the general election.

O’Grady defeated incumbent School Board member James Lander and Maura McMahon in caucus voting held in mid-May. She will become the second candidate on the Nov. 7 School Board ballot; independent Mike Webb already has qualified.

Under Virginia law, School Board races are officially nonpartisan; political parties can endorse candidates, but can’t formally nominate them.

All five of Arlington’s current School Board members won the Democratic endorsement prior to winning general-election victories; the last non-Democrat to serve on the board was Dave Foster, who was in office from 2000-07.

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