Leadership Arlington Young Professonals spring 2016

Members of the spring 2016 class of Leadership Arlington's young-professionals program.

The Leadership Center for Excellence of Leadership Arlington on Jan. 20 welcomed its news class of young-professionals, who will spend four months learning about the community and career-building.

“It’s our hope that this program results in retention of young leaders in our region who will mold the future of our community,” said Liz Nohra, chief operating officer at Leadership Center for Excellence and Leadership Arlington.

The 23 participants gathered for a day-long retreat at the Boeing office in Crystal City. They are the ninth cohort of participants since the training program kicked off.

“Leadership is the key to success for businesses and communities. I can think of no better preparation for future leaders in this area than the Young Professionals Program,” said Todd Yeatts, chair of the Arlington Chamber of Commerce and senior manager for government operations at Boeing, who welcomed participants.

The effort provides training on essential skills necessary for both professional and personal leadership, while also connecting participants with other leaders in their peer group as well as established leaders from the private, public and nonprofit sectors.

“This area is filled with a large population of young professionals. They have the talent; we help them tap into that talent, build upon it and develop additional skills and resources to become agents of change,” organization CEO Betsy Frantz said.

Members of the new class include: Uche Akobundu, Meals on Wheels America; Emily Almand, Arlington Public Libraries; Victoria Bown, Arthritis and Rehabilitation Therapy Services; Scott Desmond, Accenture Federal Services; Laura Dietsch, Verizon; Meredith Eisenhart, Arlington County government Department of Human Services; Kyle Epting, Arlington Law Group; Nikki Ferraro, HITT Contracting; Ling Gao, AmeriCorps: The Literacy Lab; Reem Garada, Arlington Community Federal Credit Union; Chelsea Jacobs, Ann Wilson Homes, Keller Williams Realty; Serena Jezior, Council on Foundations.

Also,  Bernie McKeever, TransWestern; Sawyer Mueller, Accenture Federal Services; Alison Nashed, Freddie Mac; Megan Pierce, The Shooshan Company; Chris Rozario, Freddie Mac; Kate Rutherford, CEB; Kate Shooltz, TCS Realty Associates; Tyson Stanislaus, Arlington County Fire Department; Taylor Vaughn, United Bank; Aaron Walsh, Marymount University; and Travell Williams, Freddie Mac

Sponsors of the initiative include Arlington Community Federal Credit Union and Marymount University

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LOL. Next Crop of Arlington Elitists.

How about instead:

John Smith, Arlington County Wastewater Treatment Plant Night Supervisor,

Jane Doe, Teaching Assistant, Barcroft Elementary School,

Barry White, volunteer paralegal, Smith and Jones LLC.

Karen Roe, Visiting Nurse, Arlington Geriatric Social Services,

These are the Arlingtonians who are actually DOING SOMETHING for ALL of us.


Sheesh....another year of Leaderless Arlington, and more of the same:

Next Generation of Realtors and Developers for the Haves.

Next Generation of overpaid Social Workers and underpaid Civil Servants for the Have


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