Leadership Arlington Youth Program

Members of the 2012 Leadership Arlington Youth Program, which met over the summer. 

Students participating in Leadership Arlington’s Youth Program this summer selected Borromeo Housing as the recipient of a $1,000 grant in support of its efforts supporting those in need across the community.

The 29 students in the program visited a variety of nonprofit organizations during the two-week training program, developing their own criteria to determine which would receive the grant funding.

Borromeo Housing provides services to young women with children, offering supportive housing and a variety of specialized programs and services.

The students “chose to invest in the education and long-term success of our young mothers – women whom in a different circumstance would be their peers,” said Dani Seltzer, board chairman of Borromeo Housing.

Over the course of the two-week Leadership Arlington program, participants – rising high school juniors and seniors – met with leaders in the business, government and nonprofit sectors to get a deeper understanding of the community in which they live.

A commencement ceremony was held Aug. 9 at Marymount University.

Members of the program included Bemnat Agegnehu, Yorktown High School; David Balick, Wakefield High School; Henry Doll, Washington-Lee High School; Jessie Foster, Georgetown Visitation; Zak Gordon, H-B Woodlawn Secondary Program; Remi Greene, Yorktown High School; Ava Hall, King George High School; Mora Hav, Washington-Lee High School; Patrick Hughes-Creahan, Bishop O’Connell High School; Elise Huppert, Yorktown High School; Tyler Laredo, Washington-Lee High School; Elizabeth Leussing, Yorktown High School; Nora LeValley, H-B Woodlawn Secondary Program; Bobby McCray, Bishop O’Connell High School; Kirby Miller, Washington-Lee High School; Andrew O’Duden, Yorktown High School; Lowry Palmer, Yorktown High School; Brittany Peck, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science & Technology; Lara Phillips, Yorktown High School; Zack Pollock, Yorktown High School; Carlos Ramos, H-B Woodlawn Secondary Program; Ben Rim, Washington-Lee High School; Alec Schadelbauer, Washington-Lee High School; Colleen Schauf, Bishop O’Connell High School; Ryan Uckert, Washington-Lee High School; Alex Velasquez, Wakefield High School; Christine Vincent, Yorktown High School; and Katie Way, Yorktown High School.

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