APAH Awards

Award recipients John Milliken and Charles Rinker Jr. pose with County Board Chairman Chris Zimmerman after being honored Oct. 19, 2011, by the Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing. (Photo by Scott McCaffrey)

Former County Board member John Milliken has been tapped to chair the new Arlington Community Facilities Study task force, a 24-member body that is being tasked with determining where new schools, public-safety facilities and other government facilities should be placed, and how they will be funded.

The County Board approved the group’s charter and membership on Jan. 23. The School Board approved them the night before.

The panel has been tasked to return to the County Board School Board later in the year with initial recommendations.

County Board Chairman Mary Hynes announced the planned task force on Jan. 1. She will serve as a County Board liaison to the group, along with board member John Vihstadt. Nancy Van Doren will serve as the School Board’s liaison.

Milliken served on the County Board from 1981 to 1990, and also served as state transportation secretary during the Wilder administration. He recently retired as an attorney with Venable LLP.

Ginger Brown, a member of the Planning Commission, was tapped as vice chairman. Other board members include Christer Ahl, Tyra Baker, Hans Bauman, Andi Cullins, Sal D’Itri, Carolina Espinal, Moira Forbes, Greg Greeley, Saundra Green, Alan Howze, Kelly King, Kathleen McSweeney, Bryant Monroe, Kirit Mookerjee, Lynn Pollack, Kate Roche, Jason Rylander, Toby Smith, Jackie Snelling, Ann Steen, Tannia Talento and Gabriela Uro.