N.Va. home sales January 2016

This Tudor-inspired home in the 11200 block of Beach Mill Drive in Great Falls currently is on the market, listed at $1,299,000 by Jan and Dan Laytham and Dianne Van Volkenburg of Long & Foster Real Estate.

Is there a best day of the week for real-estate professionals to list a property, and would that be early in the week or closer to the weekend? The Sun Gazette asked some local agents that question.

Here are their answers:

Lilian Jorgenson, Long & Foster: “I like to list mid-week. It gives the buyers time to explore the listing, drive by after work, then make an appointment to see it just as soon as their schedule allows.”

Archie Harders, Long & Foster: “I like to put a new listing into the system late Wednesday night so it’s there and fresh on Thursday morning.”

Karen Close, Century 21: “The practice of agents is that Thursdays and Fridays are the heavy introduction days to the market. I believe if a purchaser has a deadline to buy, then any day of the week works, because they will watch the Internet constantly for new listings. So the day listed won’t matter. The Internet has changed everything.”

Craig Mastrangelo, Re/Max Allegiance: “Typically, Realtors list homes on Thursdays with the perceived logic being that Realtors can schedule times to preview themselves and/or tour [with] their clients before open houses that weekend.  Some may list on Wednesdays or even Fridays. Whichever days, what works best is allowing Realtors time to go see the homes prior to the weekend so they can prepare an appropriate list of homes for their clients to see.”

Jack Shafran, Yeonas and Shafran Real Estate: “How I learned basically, in theory, is to list Tuesday or earlier in the week. Tuesday is the day you list and introduce the property to the market, and is a tour-the-property day. Wednesday is an off day. Thursday is the day to set up appointments for the weekend. Friday you look through the inventory. Saturday you work to sell, and Sunday is closing day to make the sale.”

Casey Samson, Samson Properties: “We launch our listings at 5 p.m. on Thursdays and have an open house on the first weekend. We want the weekend buyers to get it on their radar, but not give them enough time to write a full-price contract and try to get sellers to cancel open house. Open houses on well-priced homes generate multiple contracts that can raise the price over list and generate backup contracts. This provides sellers with maximum proceeds as well as valuable leverage during inspection releases.”

John Mentis, Long & Foster: “I’d say Thursday afternoon. Buyers tend to start planning their weekend of showings and open houses on Friday. Listing on Thursday gives them the time to consider putting it on their schedules.”

Dee Murphy, Long & Foster: “Real estate is a Friday/Saturday/Sunday affair. I have always sworn by the Thursday-night timeframe. That is when buyers and their agents put together a list for the weekend of which properties to visit. Thursday is the best way to generate a sense of excitement and capitalize on the weekend to find out who are the serious buyers, and what the weekend might bring.”

Mark Middendorf, Long & Foster: “Thursday and Friday are when people start looking. If you list Mondays, that shows too many days already on the market. By late in the week, we have everything in place.”

Jane Price, Weichert, Realtors: “Assuming the property is completely ready to present and all marketing materials are prepared, I usually shoot for Thursday mid-day. That way, there is plenty of time for the listing to be picked up by Realtors and the buying public prior to the weekend. It gives time for showing appointments to be planned and assures good traffic at the first open house, assuming one is scheduled.”

Steve Wydler, Wydler Brothers Real Estate: “Monday, if it makes sense to have a brokers’ open house for that home. For other properties, mid-week or Friday so there can be a runway for a weekend takeoff, and to give maximum probability of getting the highest amount of traffic possible.”

Dana Landry, Washington Fine Properties: “Wednesday afternoon. Once a property is listed in the Metropolitan Regional Information System, the IDX (Information Data Exchange) pushes the listing out and feeds hundreds of Web sites. This automated process can take 24 to 48 hours, and you want to give it time to make sure the listing is picked up and running properly prior to the weekend. This positions you well for Saturday and Sunday open houses, followed by a broker’s open house on Tuesday.”

David Howell, McEnearney Associates: “We shoot for listing homes no later than Thursday.  It takes a little time – unfortunately – for some of the major search portals to populate new listings to their sites. A listing entered on Thursday should show up no later than Friday, so folks planning what listings to see over a weekend will find it. Waiting until Friday or Saturday runs the risk of the listing not being seen on a timely basis for weekend traffic.”

Karen Briscoe: Huckaby, Briscoe, Conroy Realty Group of Keller Williams: “Listing Thursdays gives time for full listing alert on the Internet, and in time for Friday’s crunch for the weekend. Another strategy would be listing earlier in the week – Tuesday would be a good day – to get ahead of the other listings.”

Billy Buck, Buck & Associates: “In most cases the seller or client will govern that decision. My preference is Wednesday or no later than Thursday, so there will be time to have the listing fully in the system and up on all the Web sites in time for the weekend. That is critical. That way, buyers not working with an agent can see the listings. Sometimes it takes a day or two for the updates to be made, that’s why you want it listed on Wednesday or Thursday.”

Carol Temple, Coldwell Banker: “If you list on Thursday morning, perspective buyers are looking online for fresh stuff, and agents are doing the same things. It’s all about perception and seeing the newest properties. A Monday listing has been on the market a while. You want to buy the newest pair of shoes, not the ones that have been looked over by so many others.”

Dawn Wilson, Keller Williams: “You want to build clients and create exictement and interest for the weekend open houses. So I prefer a listing Wednesday evening or early Thursday. That way, all the Web sites have time to pick up the information before the weekend. That can create a lot of activity. If you list a property sooner in the week, it’s not as new or exciting.”

Gloria Adams, TTR Sotheby’s: “In this area, really any day is a good time because it will get shown. A Thursday listing, though, probably gets that good pop before the weekend.”

Rob Ferguson, Re/Max Allegiance: “I’ve kind of switched up. Typically, I like Wednesday now because most buyers start looking online about then to get organized for looking at properties on the weekend. Monday and Tuesday is too early, because buyers are just getting back into the swing of working after the weekend, and they aren’t paying too much attention to the market. Homes listed then can get lost in the shuffle.”

Dean Yeonas, Yeonas and Shafran Real Estate: “There is not a perfect strategy. One is to list on Wednesday or Thursday, but make it open to a brokers’ tour on Tuesdays to build a little momentum before publicly listing. That way, agents can alert perspective buyers so maybe you can get a little pre-marketing effort going on.”

Natalie Roy, Keller Williams: “The best days appear to be Tuesdays and Fridays. Monday is the day you get to back to work. Tuesday you are caught up and a tad more relaxed. Many of my clients use Tuesdays to plan their weekend tours of properties. Friday also works as a good day. People are in good moods about the upcoming weekend and seem to be more receptive to prospective new properties.”

Donna Moseley, TTR Sotheby’s: “By listing Wednesdays, you have time to proof the listing, do any troubleshooting and get it in front of the public before the weekend. Buyers are not searching as much on Mondays and Tuesdays. Monday is kind of a ‘regroup day’ after a busy weekend.”

Laurie Mensing, Long & Foster: “Any day! But I prefer to put a property in the computer Thursday evenings to catch active agents and buyers who are looking to pursue new listings for the coming weekend.”

Adam Gallegos, Arbour Realty: “I always shoot for Wednesdays. I have found people are not very active on Monday or Tuesday. This system has worked well for us, and we have tried a lot things.”

Betsy Twigg, McEnearney Associates: “My favorite day is Thursdays so the people who are maybe considering going out on tours for the weekend will have a chance to see the house. That creates a little bit of an air of excitement and anticipation if people know a property is coming on the market  at the end of the week.”

Carol Ellickson, TTR Sotheby’s International Realty: “Thursday seems to work best for me. The agents will see a new listing for sure Friday morning when they are looking for their updates. They have time to reach out to their buyers. I try to have an open house that Sunday. If I put a listing on the market too early in the week, there are usually few showings anyway, as people are working.”

Chris Wilkes, Washington Fine Properties: “While consulting with our clients, we often recommend that Wednesday or Thursday in the mornings is the best time to go live with a new property. This allows the property enough time to be uploaded onto the dozens of real estate search Web sites, giving buyers and brokers time to plan their property search. It also allows us the opportunity to coordinate our online marketing with our print media, which are all published Wednesday through Sunday. We have found that this strategy creates great reaction from the marketplace.”

Joan Stansfield, Keller Williams: “Thursday or Friday are the best. If the sellers want an open house, Thursday morning (after midnight) is best in order for the listing to get picked up by online sites that buyers use to schedule their weekend open house tours. If no open is scheduled, then Fridays, historically, are the best. Statistics show that you get the most traffic and interest in the first few days of a listing. Homes that show zero to nine days on the market have a better chance of selling for 99 percent of asking price. Of course, the best day often needs to be the day your seller wants/needs it listed, due to their schedule.”