National Park Service spotlights Theodore Roosevelt Island

A statue of President Theodore Roosevelt was dedicated in the 1960s on the island in the Potomac River that bears his name. (National Park Service)

It lies just feet off the Virginia shoreline in the Potomac River, and Theodore Roosevelt Island is getting its moment in the spotlight during August.

The 88-acre island has been named the month’s featured National Park Service property as part of the “National Park Getaways” series.

The August designation is the 261st installment in the series, which spotlights National Park Service properties across the nation.

Most of the island remains in its natural state to pay homage to Roosevelt, who served as president from 1901-09, but there also is a memorial plaza with a statue of the 26th president, dedicated in 1967. The island is administered by the National Park Service as part of the George Washington Memorial Parkway.

Roosevelt was “the consummate outdoorsman who didn’t just walk the walk and talk the talk – he made a difference,” Park Service officials said in announcing the island’s selection as its monthly getaway.

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The island is accessible via a footpath from Rosslyn, but because the border between the District of Columbia and Virginia is the Virginia shoreline, it actually is under the sovereignty of D.C.

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For volunteer opportunities and information on activities such as our Full Moon Walks, see the website for Friends of Theodore Roosevelt Island

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