Woodlawn student connects with legislators

Caroline Tornquist, a student at H-B Woodlawn Secondary Program, met with state Sen. Barbara Favola (D-31st) as she geared up to serve as House Speaker pro tempore in the 2018 Model General Assembly session.

State Sen. Barbara Favola (D-31st) recently accepted the National Public Service Award from the American Society of Public Administration and National Academy of Public Administration.

“This award will always remind me that we must seek bold solutions and address root causes,” Favola said at the ceremony. “Band-Aids or under-funded solutions are wasteful and often ineffective. In fact, they can lead some to believe that the problem can’t be solved, or the recipients of the services are not worthy.”

In her remarks, Favola also praised those in the public-administration field.

“The platitudes that politicians offer and constituents believe in can only become a reality because people like you have the talent and dedication to make it so,” she said.

Favola was among four recipients of the 2019 award, including former D.C. Mayor Anthony Williams.