Jennifer Carroll Foy

If the statewide Democratic electorate goes the way a recent straw poll did, the party’s ticket for November will be Jennifer Carroll Foy, Elizabeth Guzman and Mark Herring.

Del. Alfonso Lopez (D-Arlington-Fairfax) held his annual straw poll in an online fashion on March 27. (The event typically is held in person at Arlington Cinema-n-Drafthouse, but was restricted to a “virtual” format for 2021 due to health issues.)

Those attending the event are allowed to vote for their choices for governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general on the Democratic side. The actual primary will be held June 8.

Four years ago, straw-poll voters got the pulse of the Democratic electorate correct, supporting Ralph Northam over Tom Perriello for governor and Justin Fairfax over Susan Platt and Gene Rossi for lieutenant governor. (Herring was unopposed for the Democratic nomination in 2017.)

On the other hand, results often mirror the efforts put in by various campaigns to have their supporters turn out for the fund-raiser.

Final results for 2021 as reported by Lopez’s staff:

• Governor: Foy received 55 percent of the votes, followed by Terry McAuliffe (24 percent) and Jennifer McClellan (21 percent). Neither Fairfax nor Lee Carter received votes.

• Lieutenant Governor: Elizabeth Guzman bested the field at 41 percent, followed by Sam Rasoul (19 percent), Sean Perryman (15 percent), Hala Ayala (11 percent), Andria McClellan (6 percent) and Xavier Warren and Mark Levine (4 percent each).

• Attorney General: Herring received 62 percent of the vote to 38 percent for Jay Jones.

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