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The Arlington Sun Gazette has endorsed state Sen. Barbara Favola (D-31st) and Del. Alfonso Lopez (D-49th) in the June 11 Democratic primary.

In its endorsements, the paper said neither Nicole Merlene (who is challenging Favola) nor Julius Spain (who is taking on Lopez) has reached the rather high bar set for an endorsement of challengers to sitting office-holders.

“Like every politician we know, Favola and Lopez are not without flaws, in personalities or policy positions. But on balance, neither Merlene nor Spain has made the case (to us, at least) that the incumbents need to be sent packing,” the paper said. (CLICK HERE to read the endorsement.)

The paper did have praise for the challengers, however.

“Merlene and Spain may end up being viable political candidates in coming years. And their presence on the 2019 primary ballot has forced incumbents to defend their positions, a discussion that benefits the community,” the endorsement noted.

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[thumbdown][thumbdown]to both Lopez and Favola. Both have major ethical issues. An endorsement by the SG is no surprise. SG's Owner and Publisher also had a number of major ethical issues a few years ago.


What a joke. This rag hasn’t done the proper research to fully understand the extent of Favola's actions from donor money. Most of her campaign donations come from developers that she has, in turn, supported. She supported the 2016 Proffer bill that was detrimental to the constituency and great for developers and her clients such as Marymount and Virginia Hospital:

Also no mention of Advanced Towing! This endorsement means nothing to me.

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