Arlington to move forward on acquisition of hospital tract

Map shows Virginia Hospital Center-owned parcel along South Carlin Springs Road, which Arlington officials hope to acquire as part of a land-swap agreement. (County government)

[Updated to include vote on July 18.]

Arlington County Board members on July 18 formally affirmed the government’s desire to acquire Virginia Hospital Center’s South Carlin Springs campus as part of a land-swap agreement that would see a county-government-owned parcel delivered to the hospital.

The vote was unanimous.

Under terms of an agreement inked earlier, board members have until mid-August to formally notify hospital officials of the county’s desire to take the 11.6-acre Carlin Springs parcel, currently home to an urgent-care center and the Arlington Pediatric Center.

The land swap would only go through if Virginia Hospital Center officials opt to acquire a county-owned parcel in the 1800 block of North Edison Street immediately north of the hospital’s North George Mason Drive campus. But that is all but a certainty, as the hospital’s leadership long has sought a way to expand its land-locked holdings.

The Edison Street site most recently was valued at $12.6 million; in compensation for delivering it to the hospital, the county government can opt to receive land, cash or a combination, all to be worked out after hospital officials formally notify the county government of their desire for the Edison Street property. The hospital in June received approval from state regulators to expand onto the Edison site, another procedural hurdle needed before the swap could be consummated.

Nabbing the North Carlin Springs site has been supported by the county government’s Joint Facilities Advisory Committee and by the School Board, since it is a rare large parcel of land available for acquisition.

Even if all the pieces of the land swap come off without a hitch, the Carlin Springs parcel will remain in the hands of the hospital until mid-2018, according to the agreement, giving hospital officials time to find alternate locations for the pediatrics and urgent-care facilities.

Depending on how negotiations move forward, the Arlington government also has the option of seeking other hospital parcels, including two small ones near North George Mason Drive and several on Lee Highway.

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Time is overdue for a regional approach to public infrastructure and public services. It's costing us a fortune for our tiny County to be a de facto regional infrastructure and regional services provider. Why do I have to wait in line behind Great Falls residents at Virginia Hospital Center? Why are as many or more non-residents as residents using Arlington's sports facilities? Why are hundreds of families who move out of Arlington allowed to keep their children enrolled in Arlington schools until the children graduate from high school? Why are we in a crazy contest with other local jurisdictions to give the most corporate welfare to wealthy multi-national corporations? Why are we massively subsidizing wealthy national performing arts groups who constantly threaten to move away if we don't both up their subsidies and build new performing arts infrastructure at taxpayers' expense? Why are we paying for both a County-owned and a regional bus system that are competing with each other? This is what we get from one-party government for 35 years that gets more irrational and irresponsible every year it's in power


Why do we allow the wealthy elitists who own and operate the local, regional, and national media (e.g., InsideNova, Washington Post, NPR, Public Broadcasting) alternately scare us, brainwash us, and act as surrogate nannies for the politricksters who completely control every aspect of our lives?


Arlington County = Mainland China = half baked socialist state + half baked corporate welfare state + half baked police state


How much more will be packed into our tiny County? I didn't move here in 1995 and buy a home in a quiet residential neighborhood in 1997 for this. It appears that the "community leaders" who helped urbanize the County are moving away rather than stay here and retire here. Not a good signal to those of us who do want to continue to live here and retire here.


Inside-the-Beltway pols are as megalomaniacal about development-for-the-sake-of development as their parents and grandparents were 50 years ago in the Frost Belt in the heyday of American manufacturing. That's why.

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