[Updated to correct committee that is sponsoring the resolution.]

The Arlington County government’s efforts to rewrite rules for retail development across the community may be running into brushback from the Arlington County Civic Federation.

The federation’s planning and zoning committee on Jan. 6 presented a resolution calling on the county government to scrap the effort.

The resolution, slated to go to the full membership in early February, says the 74-page draft retail plan was developed without full community input and likely would provide the government with insufficient flexibility, and neighborhoods with insufficient safeguards, to achieve whatever goals county officials are seeking.

“What problem are we trying to solve here? We do not know the answer,” said Martha Moore, who introduced the resolution.

The planning and zoning committee has in recent years been aggressive in pushing back against the county government on a number of initiatives, and it rarely minces words. In the two-page resolution, it calls the draft retail plan a “systemically flawed” proposal that relies on a one-size-fits-all approach to promoting retail shops, restaurants and nightlife, rather than focus on specific needs of individual communities.

The staff plan is slated to go before the County Board on Feb. 21, giving the Civic Federation time to address the matter before its possible adoption.

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Scott McCaffrey is a long-time member of the Arlington Chamber of Commerce's Executive Committee.


Another bunch of "loopy lefties" who won't go along with the Scott McCaffrey / Arlington Chamber of Commerce program.

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