Women’s Civic Alliance donation aids program for Arlington youth

At left, Caroline Jones of Doorways for Women and Families and Andrew Schneider of Arlington Thrive were on hand as Chrissy Clark, community-support chair of the Arlington Women’s Civic Alliance presents a $15,000 grant for Arlington Thrive’s Youth in Transition pilot program. At right, Civic Alliance vice presidents (and benefit co-chairs) Angie Wilcox and Lindsey Hooper are shown with president Peggy Richardson at the organization’s Indigo Nights benefit on May 11.

The Arlington Women’s Civic Alliance recently awarded a $15,000 grant to Arlington Thrive to continue a pilot program serving young adults in Arlington who need help transitioning from foster care or unstable living situations.

The program was launched last year with an $18,000 grant from the alliance. The new contribution was presented to Arlington Thrive executive director Andrew Schneider during a May 22 event.

Also present was Caroline Jones, president and CEO of Doorways for Women and Families, a key partner of Arlington Thrive in developing the innovative program.

Funding was raised at the alliance’s annual Indigo Nights benefit, held May 11 at the home of vice president Angie Wilcox.

The Youth in Transition Fund provides short-term financial assistance to Arlington residents ages 18-24 for needs such as rent or lease-application fees, medical or dental costs, transportation costs, work-related clothing or tools, or necessary supplies to set up a household.

Under the program, caseworkers from Doorways and other social-service agencies identify potential recipients, determine their need for assistance and request those funds from Arlington Thrive. Arlington Thrive then provides checks written directly to the relevant landlords, medical professionals or other vendors for the needed items.

The Arlington Women’s Civic Alliance, founded in 1993 to promote friendship and philanthropy, makes one or more grants annually to fund charitable projects in Arlington. Since its inception, the organization has donated more than $400,000 to over 40 nonprofit organizations serving the Arlington community.