Cityline looking to add interim uses

The Fairfax County Planning Commission on Dec. 6, 2018, will review a request by Cityline Partners LLC to operate a variety of interim uses, including possibly a beer garden, on this site just south of the McLean Metro station.

Eventually, Cityline Partners LLC’s 1.66-acre property south of the McLean Metro station will be home to two office towers and one residential building totaling more than 1 million square feet of development.

But in the meantime, company officials will ask Fairfax County to allow interim uses – including possibly a beer garden – on the site.

Cityline officials will appear Dec. 6 before the Fairfax County Planning Commission to request a final-development-plan amendment to permit a variety of activities and retail options. Seeking flexibility, the company is not defining those uses exactly, but mentioned the possibilities of retail and/or craft vendors, fundraisers, corporate events, trivia nights, food trucks, fitness classes, social activities and festivals.

Cityline also is considering relocating the Tysons Biergarten, now located adjacent to the Greensboro Metro station, to the McLean site.

The proposed interim uses would be located mostly within an enclosed, fenced-in area with an existing concrete patio and lawn. Cityline is proposing to offer tents and converted shipping containers to accommodate food vendors that would serve the beer garden.

The developer also would provide a small plaza with a kiosk outside the beer garden’s entrance, which would help secure the site and give patrons a gathering place to wait for ride-sharing services, according to the county’s staff report.

In addition, an open-lawn area northeast of the fenced-in area would accommodate offerings such as yoga and fitness classes, events and other outdoor recreational activities.

The sought-after uses would be implemented on vacant land adjacent to the future office building “C” within the “Taylor Block” of the future Scotts Run South development. County supervisors in 2013 approved Cityline’s plans for a mixed-use redevelopment with hotel, residential, retail and office uses totalling more than 5 million square feet, which would be built on seven new blocks.

The parcel where the interim uses are being requested is next to the corner of Colshire Drive and Colshire Meadow Dive, south of the Metro station’s kiss-and-ride lot.

Vehicles would access the site from Colshire Drive using an existing private driveway between Cityline’s parcel and a Northrop Grumman facility. Cityline would provide a drop-off area from that driveway to access the interim uses, but would not have any parking spaces.

A beer-garden employee would be present during operating hours to monitor the drop-off area and direct vehicles, in order to avoid stack-ups. Future tenants’ Websites would have to include information about off-site parking, Metrorail access and ride-sharing options, and bicycle racks would be located near the beer garden’s entrance.

Loading vehicles would access the site from an existing “hammerhead” turn-around area. Cityline would provide two gates in the fencing along the private drive aisle. One gate would allow access to dumpsters and portable restroom facilities; the other would provide food-truck access.

Pedestrians would come and go using existing sidewalks in the vicinity, including ones near the Metro station’s kiss-and-ride zone and off-site parking areas. Cityline would provide a 5-foot-wide, crushed-stone pathway between the interim-use parcel and those sidewalks, as well as a handicapped-accessible ramp across the private drive.

Cityline also has agreed to install artworks, such as painted murals, along the parcel’s rear fencing.

Because the disturbed area would be less than the county’s 2,500-square-foot minimum, no stormwater-treatment measures would be required.

County staff are requesting a development condition stipulating that Cityline end the interim uses when construction of Building C starts. When the Taylor Block is fully built out, the interim park will be developed as an active-recreation park, officials said.

The Planning Commission often must make recommendations to the Board of Supervisors, but will make the final determination on Cityline’s request, county staff said.

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