Crystal City BID could expand ... but how far remains a question

Areas in light pink show current boundaries of Crystal City Business Improvement District (BID). Darker-pink areas are potential zones of expansion for the BID. (Arlington County government)

Arlington County Board members in September will mull how far the boundaries of the Crystal City Business Improvement District (BID) can be expanded.

Depending on the outcome of the vote, the current district could be redrawn to augment Pentagon City and, perhaps, the Arlington portion of Potomac Yard.

County Board members on July 13 are expected to authorize a Sept. 21 public hearing on the proposal. Board members do not meet in August.

The leadership of the Crystal City Business Improvement District is seeking the expansion. Most owners of commercial property in adjacent Pentagon City seem to be on board, although some property owners in Potomac Yard appear to be withholding judgment for the moment.

Business-improvement districts are funded mostly by surcharges to property taxes on commercial structures, and provide events, marketing, beautification and other services within their boundaries.

If the entire expansion is approved, the business-improvement district (which would rename itself as soon as this fall) would receive about $4.25 million in revenue in the first year from the tax surcharge, depending on updated property assessments. That amount would fluctuate in coming years depending on the overall market value of the properties contained within the district.

Most of the large commercial-property owners support the expansion, including JBG Smith, which owns property valued at nearly $2.5 billion in the existing district and an additional $1.1 billion worth of property in the proposed expansion. Dweck Properties, which would see a nearly additional $500 million of its properties added to the $586 million worth of properties already in the district, also is in support. Brookfield, Invesco Real Estate, the Meridian Group and Clarion Partners, firms that currently have no properties within the Crystal City BID but do have significant holdings in the proposed expansion, also have come aboard.

A number of major property owners, however, appear to be either ambivalent or opposed to inclusion in the expanded district, and their parcels could be carved out of the final boundaries.

An expanded service area would encompass about 12 million square feet of office space and 5,900 hotel rooms, plus 475 storefronts and restaurants, according to a feasibility report compiled by the Crystal City BID.

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Allen Muchnick

"...the business-improvement district (which would rename itself as soon as this fall)..." So what new names are being proposed? National Landing BID? CC/PC/PY BID? Jefferson Davis Corridor BID? Jeff Bezos BID?

Dave Schutz


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