Fairfax supervisors OK expansion of Tysons auto dealership

Fairfax County supervisors on July 30, 2019, approved a proposal by Crown Tysons Properties LLC to allow inclusion of a second vehicle dealership at a property off of Leesburg Pike in north Tysons.

The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors on July 30 unanimously approved plans by Crown Tysons Properties LLC to rezone part of its property in northern Tysons and allow inclusion of a second vehicle dealership at the site.

“This proposal will improve the appearance and repurpose an existing building that is located along Leesburg Pike will minimal site disturbance,” said applicant’s attorney Lynne Strobel, who added that the developer’s plans are consistent with the Tysons comprehensive plan’s recommendation for interim uses.

An existing auto dealership at the 12.31-acre site, located on the north side of Leesburg Pike and about 600 feet south of the Dulles Airport Access Road, has two buildings totaling about 58,000 square feet. The middle of the site’s three parcels is used for display and storage of new vehicles, plus customer parking.

The southernmost 3.6-acre parcel, dubbed 17A, currently has a 73,000-square-foot vehicle-storage warehouse and will be rezoned to permit use by the existing vehicle dealership on the northern two parcels.

In the first part of the applicant’s two-phase plan, the developer will convert the warehouse on Parcel 17A so the existing car dealership can use it for vehicle storage, service bays and offices. The applicant also will construct inter-parcel connections during this phase.

In the project’s second phase, the developer will build a third inter-parcel connection to Parcel 17A to accommodate a two-lane drive aisle and reconfigure a parking lot on the middle parcel to align the drive aisles with the inter-parcel connections.

The applicant in this phase also vertically will build a 53,000-square-foot addition to the existing building to accommodate a second car-dealership franchise. The renovated building, which will keep its same approximate footprint, will rise to three stories along Leesburg Pike and feature vehicle showrooms and sales offices.

The building’s rear area will have a car wash, loading spaces, parking and an additional ramp to allow vehicular access to the structure’s second floor.

Also in Phase 2, the widths to Parcel 17A’s entrances on Leesburg Pike will be reduced. The southern entrance will be restricted to right-turn-in and the northern entrance will be right-out only.

A total of 453 parking spaces will be provided for the two dealerships.

The project’s first phase will permit the existing auto dealership to operate more efficiently; the second phase will implement a second dealership that will serve the community, Strobel said.

Supervisor Linda Smyth thanked those involved for bringing the proposal to a successful finish.

“This one was easier than it looked,” she said.

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