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Arlington School Board member Monique O’Grady and new County Board member Erik Gutshall were on hand for the Jan. 6, 2018, salute to departing Arlington County Democratic Committee chairman Kip Malinosky.

Erik Gutshall, who served on the County Board from 2018 until his death earlier this year, will be the 2020 inductee into the Arlington Business Hall of Fame, the Arlington Chamber of Commerce announced on Oct. 14.

He will become the fifth former County Board member enshrined in the business pantheon.

Gutshall, who died in April at age 49, was the owner of Clarendon Home Services, a business he founded in 2008 and which in 2012 was honored by the Arlington Chamber as the organization’s Small Business of the Year.

Gutshall was elected to the County Board in 2017, and “was able to call upon his experience as a small-business owner and years of community volunteer leadership to advance conversations about the role that Arlington’s businesses play in strengthening our community,” Chamber officials said.

The award presentation will be made posthumously to family members at the Chamber’s 34th annual Best Business Awards, to be held Oct. 27 in both in-person and “virtual” formats. For information, see the Website at

Previous inductees into the Arlington Business Hall of Fame have included Giuseppe Cecchi, Robert Smith, William Buck, John Shooshan, Emerson Reinsch,  Russell Hitt, Sidney Dewberry, Ashton Jones, W. Sydney Albrittain, James Cole, Jonathan Kinney, Joseph Wholey, Mort Zetlin, Dr. Kenneth Haggerty, Fred Burroughs, Preston Caruthers, Joel Broyhill, Herb Morgan, Elizabeth Campbell, Dr. Jack London, Neal Nichols, Henry Lampe, David Guernsey, Bob Peck, Rich Doud, John Milliken and Scott McGeary.

Wholey, Haggerty, Milliken and Peck – like Gutshall – saw service on the County Board.

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Henry Howell

A model example of a legislator who worked for his constituents not for special interests.

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