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McLean Citizens Association (MCA) board members on May 6 unanimously backed a resolution supporting Capital One’s proposal to convert an unbuilt hotel into a new office building.

The bank’s proposed office building would include conference and dining areas, a 385-space parking structure and 9,900 square feet of retail space, said MCA Planning and Zoning Committee chairman Robert Jackson.

“They are having additional demand for office space at their campus,” he said. “I think in terms of where we are economically, the fact that they’re going to employ more people is probably a very good thing.”

The building would be located within a quarter-mile of the McLean Metrorail Station. The Tysons Comprehensive Plan allows unlimited density for developments within that radius.

The new office building would be 59,826 square feet larger than the planned hotel, and its height would rise 56 feet to 305 feet tall. But the overall floor area of the Tysons-area campus, located just northeast of where Interstate 495 crosses Route 123, would not increase because Capital One is reducing the gross square footage and floor-area ratio of a hotel already being constructed at the site, plus that of two other as-yet-unbuilt buildings, Jackson said.

The new grid of streets and amount of open space and pedestrian access provided on the campus also would be unaffected by the change, Jackson said. In addition, the Gates of McLean Homeowners Association, which represents 624 residential units in the adjacent neighborhood, does not oppose the new plan, he said.

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