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A carnival attendee carries away a huge prize Aug. 14, 2017, at the Prince William County Fair in Manassas. Paul Lara/For InsideNoVa

As the 70th annual - and possibly last - Prince William County Fair begins today, the owners of the fairgrounds are still seeking a buyer.

After decades of entertaining the community, the Prince William Veterans Farm Club has been trying to sell the roughly 85-acre property in Manassas since last September, said Victor Smith, a member of the Farm Club’s board of directors.

“We continue to have negotiations and conversations with multiple parties,” Smith said. “Nothing has been signed. Nothing has gotten to the point where we’re finalizing any documents. We’re still a long way out.”

Most of the site — which is in 11 parcels — is zoned commercial, although some is zoned agricultural, Smith said.

Although this is expected to be the last fair, the fairgrounds will continue to host other events, such as a Spanish rodeo, and will continue to offer parking for recreational vehicles and boats, Smith said.

“We’re booking events into 2020 for various things,” he said.

“When we started on this venture, my advice to the board was this is not something that happens overnight,” Smith added. “It could be three to four years. I’m comfortable about where we are in the process, but it is a journey.”

In September 2018, the group’s board authorized Weber Rector Commercial Real Estate Services in Manassas to put the property on the market, Smith said. The Farm Club was founded by World War II veterans who grew up on farms.

While the fair has offered entertainment to the county for decades, Smith said he knows everyone has their own memories.

“The people who’ve gone there over the years, like myself, everyone has their memories,” he added. “I suspect those memories are good ones locked away in photos and in memory banks.”

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We lost the speedway, then the baseball team, and now the fairgrounds. This county will consist of nothing but tax negative townhouse developments and overcrowded schools before long...


What's the break-even point where a house becomes "tax-positive" for the county?


Not sure what the county has to do with the private fairgrounds owners wanting to sell.


How about the overcrowding of schools by 85 acres worth of tax negative housing, the clogged roads by those folks commuting, and the loss of yet another entertainment venue in the county? Everyone knows the fairgrounds are privately owned, just like the baseball team was, so nice try.


They will sell to some developer and we will have another 2,000 townhouse and 3 more red lights on Grant's 1 lane road.


They are getting rid of the fairgrounds but hey they are trying to buy a $100 million dollar indoor track complex, so I guess that’s an even exchange?


First Old Dominon Speedway. Now the Potomac Nationals and the Fairgrounds. The article said that our memories are locked away....THATS NOT the point. Nothing left for fun and family. More houses on that narrow stretch of business 234 is NOT a good thing. We don't need anymore houses...schools are already overflowing and seems all they want to do is build build build more homes. What is happening to our wonderful PWC...its just so sad. They are determined to make us like Fairfax...Dear God...NO

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