Club Eclipse Restaurant Bar and Billiards has closed, according to an announcement on the venue's Facebook page.

Club Eclipse opened in 2017 at 5615 Wellington Road, near Jiffy Lube Live.
After months closed due to the pandemic, Club Eclipse reopened June 12.
"Goodbyes hurt when the story is not finished and the book has been closed," the message stated Tuesday. "It is with heavy hearts that Eclipse will be shutting its doors. We want to thank everyone who has come by to support us and those that have become regulars, as y’all were the most important part to our family."
The owners also thanked the staff and the many bands that performed on stage.
Patrons reacted on Facebook:
  • "I am so grateful for all of the amazing friendships Eclipse has brought into my life. Thank you so much for the memories!"
  • "Your place was the absolute best for entertainment - great stage, lighting, sound, big dance floor. Everything! Good food and drinks too. You will be missed."
  • "You made a great place for locals to gather. while showcasing some great local talent on your amazing stage."

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(3) comments


Another casualty of Governor Northam's lockdown.

Sad. I hope those people can find work.


So we blame the Governor for this? Either you believe there's a pandemic or you don't. It seems to be worldwide and the countries where its been taken seriously and where the population is willing to make the sacrifices necessary to stop the spread, its less of a problem. Then there are the Angry Bobs of the world who'd rather blame the Governor even if he is doing what common sense would dictate. I hate to see any business vanish. Club Eclipse isn't the first and won't be the last. We could have been better prepared as a nation and we could have responded better, but that wasn't good for the orange blob's ratings. If you're going to blame anyone, blame him. That's where the buck stops.


The Northam family had 84 slaves and he is a abortion doctor. Not a good choice.

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