Potomac Mills Sign Over The Years

A permit application from developers at Potomac Mills mall shows plans for the new sign (at right) that will stand along Interstate 95. The sign on the left was removed in 2011 due to wind damage and replaced with the sign in the center, which was removed after wind damage in March 2018. 

The sign promoting Potomac Mills mall along Interstate 95 will have a new design, according to a permit application to Prince William County. The sign will replace the one brought down after damage from a windstorm last March.

At 140 feet, the new sign is expected to be as tall as the former sign, but will be located farther from the interstate.

The high winds March 2 bent the supporting posts, causing the sign to lean. Authorities determined that the sign was unsafe and a portion of southbound I-95 was closed to traffic for two days and nearby businesses were evacuated.

The sign was removed on Mach 4 and mall authorities promised to work on getting a new sign installed. The sign also was replaced in December 2011 after strong winds blew it down.

Potomac Mills sign Photo by Dan Marshok

The Potomac Mills sign leaning from wind damage March 2, 2018. The sign was pulled down over safety concerns March 4, 2018.

Potomac Mills Sign Permit Application shows new sign location

The permit application for a new sign at Potomac Mills shows a new footprint for the sign that will be farther from Interstate 95.

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