PRTC breaks ground for bus maintenance facility

Officials break ground for the new bus maintenance facility. 

The Potomac Rappahannock Transportation Commission just took a step that will ultimately lead to better service on its OmniRide commuter buses along Interstate 66, according to a county news release.

The recent groundbreaking ceremony for OmniRide's $49.8-million, western bus maintenance facility, at 7850 Doane Drive in Manassas, will lead to 4,000 commuter parking spaces being built along I-66. 

The new facility will allow for more efficient bus dispatching on the western end of the county.

Supervisor Marty Nohe, Coles District, said the project — funded by PRTC, the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority, the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation, along with federal funds and a payment from the Transform 66 concessionaire — was "truly transformative."  

Nohe, who also chairs the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority, said the project was more than a garage for buses. "It's also the launch, really, of a new attitude toward the role of transit in Prince William County. This is truly a regionally significant project. It impacts everyone in our service area. In a matter of a year and a half or so, this building is going to have a direct impact on the people of our community." 

Supervisor Jeanine Lawson, R-Brentsville, said the future of transportation in Prince William County is looking "brighter and brighter." 

"I'm thinking that western Prince William County and OmniRide make a great partnership. We've got new and improved routes that are going to continue to launch … We are just thrilled," Lawson said.

Supervisor Ruth Anderson, Occoquan District, who also chairs the PRTC, said the facility would be "an absolutely amazing addition" for OmniRide drivers and PRTC staff. "I want them to know how very important public transit is to our community. It's becoming more and more important by the day, and I want them to be extremely proud of their work, and they should be."

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